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Navigate DC

Navigating DC is simple after you learn how the streets are laid out and numbered. The streets were patterned after a grid system that makes figuring out where you are simple and easy.


The US Capitol is the center of it all, just think of it as 0. The street names and address numbers radiate out from the building. The further from the Capitol the higher the address number will be. Capitol street cuts the city into 4 quadrants. North West, North East, South West, and South East. Remembering these quadrants isn't as important as the next bit.

Number Streets

Number streets run north to south through the capitol. Streets nearest the capitol will be lower and street farther from the capitol will have a higher number. Remember that the capitol is zero and this will be easy to digest.

Letter Streets

Letter streets run east to west through Capitol Hill. Streets closest to Capitol Hill will be closer to the beginning of the english alphabet A and will continue down the line the farther you get from the capitol.

State Streets

State streets act as a shortcut through the grid and run diagonally between the blocks. The address numbers for these streets follow the same pattern of getting bigger as they go away from Capitol Hill. Use the state streets to cut distance and time from your trek.